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Vstaffer is a quickly growing staffing and consultancy company that was built with a simple vision of providing access to quality talent around the globe to the emerging health tech companies. Many times, companies suffer from a lack of talented resources that can add to their operational expense, delays in project deliveries, marketing a working product, and struggling with agile operations w.r.t scaling and product customizations.

Our pool of candidates includes people with impressive experience working for emerging startups in the health tech, Fintech, and Ed-tech industries. Living in a remote-first world, many new tech companies want access to the best of available talent and that too in a cost-efficient manner, which we understand. We have a serious passion for our work and have helped various VC-backed startups in the health tech industry create great products by providing them with great resources. 

Values we live by


Collaboration inspired

Nothing great happens in isolation. We believe the real magic happens only when all stakeholders come together to share knowledge and deliver meaningful results.


Result driven

We carefully designed every part of the process to deliver the best results. Having clear KPIs makes it easy for us and our clients to know what to expect and how.


Improvement obsessed

We are always finding ways to improve our services and processes. Every feedback given by our stakeholders or clients is taken seriously and integrated for better results.

Our team of experts

With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

our consultants

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Leadership Team

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our partners trust us

Catherine michael

Engineering Lead

“We are a small startup that needed help with setting up our website and app to kick off our operations. Vstaffer matched us with a team via their fixed term project option and the next four months were just about work, work and work. Happy to say that we could to launch on time!”

Daniel John


“I never thought I would hire from 3 different time zone but Vstaffer helped me connect with talented developers from around the world. The process was quick and the talent was solid. It didn’t take long for us to develop an understanding and get to work.I am very confident that Vstaffer is the right platform for new talent. ”

Elliott Holland


“Working in the tech industry, our competitive advantage is mostly agility. Delayed hiring affects performance in such cases, but thankfully Vstaffer helped us connect with the right candidate at the right time. We were able to close the hiring loop in record time and delighted our clients too.”


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